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Concrete World Expo(WOCA) 2019

 The Asian Concrete World Expo (WOCA) 2019

The Asian Concrete World Expo (WOCA) originated from the World of Concrete in the Las Vegas Concrete World Expo. Founded in 1975, the exhibition was hosted by Informa Group. After more than 40 years of accumulation and development, WOC Exhibition has become a global professional exhibition for commercial concrete and masonry. The brand has been extended to the United States, China, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, India and Indonesia all over the world.

     World of Concrete Asia is the Asian station of WOC Exhibition, focusing on concrete, floor and mortar. It focuses on general concrete, concrete surface, mortar masonry and other ground materials and new technologies. The professional categories of the Vegas exhibition also cover the original exhibit categories of “Shanghai International Flooring Industry Exhibition”, “Shanghai International Mortar Technology and Equipment Exhibition” and “Shanghai International Sports Venue Exhibition”.

    The diamonds produced by our company are mainly used for the grinding and polishing of concrete floors. Therefore, as an exhibitor, our company has been participating in this exhibition in recent years. At the exhibition, you can see all kinds of grinding and polishing tools produced by our company. Welcome to visit our booth. Looking forward to cooperate with your esteemed company!